Gabor Suto

Working languages: Hungarian (native), Portuguese, Spanish and Russian in all combinations.

(English only for correspondence.)

Studies: Universities: Moscow's Institute of International Relations, Higher Political School of Budapest.

Practice: Many years of translations, diplomatic service and other international activities (in Cuba, Soviet Union, Mozambique, Romania, Brazil, and Hungary).

Professional qualifications: Certificates of professional translator and interpreter, diploma of specialist in international affaires.

Expertness in translations: Economy, international commerce, contracts, transports and communications, agriculture and animal husbandry, tourism, bills of fare, informatics, military questions, others technical and different items.

Publications: Two books and a big number of essays and articles.

Type of enterprise: Retorno Deposit Company.

Relationships: Membership in the Hungarian Translator's Electronic Forum and the Translator's Interpreter's Branch of the Commercial and Industrial Chamber of Budapest, cooperation with the most important national firms an associations. The formation of the European and international contacts is going on.

Equipment: Windows98; Office97, about 140 volumes of bilingual and multilingual dictionaries, a big number of private specific vocabularies.

Tel/Fax: (361) 388-7950


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