23rd Budapest Spring Festival 
9 rounds Swiss Open Chess Tournament 
16th-24th of  March 2006
    Organizer:Nagy, Laszlo 
    His postal address: 1101 H-Budapest,Hungaria krt. 5-7,   XI.ep.I.em.7. 
    Phone/fax:(36-1)-263-2859 from abroad ,mobile: 06-30-230-1914 /from            Budapest/, e-mail:firstsat@hu.inter.net 

Venue: Hungarian Chess Federation,Falk Miksa Str.10, 2nd  floor, 

close to the red metro station Kossuth square. 
Time limit: 120 minutes till the end, after each move 30 s increment, 
Schedule:registration until 21:00 on the 15th of March at the organizer (phone, e-mail), then personally in the tournament hall until 15:30 on the 16th of March  .From the foreigner players 1350 Ft FIDE ELO registration fee must be paid to the Hungarian Chess Federation by each players per year before the tournament. 
Opening ceremony and first round: at 16.00 hours on 16th of March, Friday, 
1st - 9th rounds: from 16:00-21:00, every day after that, closing ceremony:21:00 o'clock.on the 24th of March. 
Prizes:  net 
thousand HUF
Special prizes:5 thousand HUF to the best junior U-20, best U-14, best woman, best senior/60+/,unrated./With at least 5 players in the group/. 
Prize system is valid for at least  70 players.If less,then proportionally decreases. 
In case of equal points:Progressive, TPR, Buchholz, Berger -Sonneborn calculation.We do not devide prizes. 
Entry fee system: 
From FIDE rating To FIDE rating
   entry fee/HUF/
2001     2100 7500,-
2101     2200 7000,-
2201     2300 6000,-
2301     2350 5000,-
2351     2400 4000,-
IGM,WGM,IM,WIM and above 2400 no entry fee. 
Accommodation info on our webpages: http://www.firstsaturday.hu