chess tournament series in the Hungarian Chess Federation in 2006 year
7 rounds Swiss Open
Dates in 2005
 3rd of February, 3rd of March, 31st of March, 5th of May, 2nd of June, 30th of June, 4th of August , 1st of September, 6th of October, 3rd of November, 1st of December, etc.  
/Always at the previous Friday before the FIRST SATURDAY of the month/
Thinking time
20-20 minute
Friday 15-22 hours -- 1th-7th rounds 
Prizes netto 12-8-4 ezer Ft, special prizes: below 18 
year, above 55 year, woman and nonrated  
3-3 thousand. /min.5 participants in a category/. 
The prizes are not devided
Entry fee
Entry fee 2000 Ft with previous registration by  
telecommunication until 14:00, after that time 2500,-Ft, 
For GM-s no entry fee, for IM-s half. Under 18 and above 60 years age - 1000 Ft. 
Registration deadline: at 14:45 in the tournament hall
Hungarian Chess Federation, Budapest, V.ker. 
Falk Miksa Str.10, 2nd floor /Close to the Kossuth Square  
red metro station/
Nagy Laszlo 
tel-fax: (36-1)-263-28-59 from 9 am. CET /GMT + 1/ until 9 p.m.,  
mobile: (36)-30-230-1914 
E-mail: firstsat@hu.inter.net