International master tournament criteria:

1. We plan to organize International master tournaments from the beginning of every month in 2006 . /Except January/

2. The International master tournaments participants:

minimally 3 International masters, minimally half of the players are titleholders, IM, FM, FCP /FIDE-Category Player/, minimally 4 players from abroad, from minimally 3 nations, players average minimally 2231 /category I. 2251-2275, minimally 10, maximally 14 participants, all-play-all system. /Round robin./

3. Possibilities for the candidate chessplayer: /if it is possible above 2200 FIDE ELO-rating:

3.1. To see Budapest , capital of Hungary and sightseeing,

3.2. To reach chess IM-norms and titles, what is important to have better conditions in the future tournaments,

3.3. To rise FIDE ELO-ratings and improve chess,

3.4. Meeting chessplayers from other countries and exchanging views about life and chess,

3.5. To get training, coaching from experienced Hungarian grandmasters and International masters,

3.6. To get consultation and games from Hungarian chess computer experts experience.

4. Every day one game, first day /FIRST SATURDAY/ drawing ceremony at 2:00 p.m., then the rounds from 4:00 p.m., last day usually 10:00 a.m., but declared before the 3rd round.