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1. Other First Saturday information and game downloading from Mark Crowther's THE WEEK IN CHESS Magazine 

2. The official web site of the FIDE

3. "NEW IN CHESS" - your link to the chess world

4. A good chess site is Mr. Jerry Lawson's CHESSLINK WORLDWIDE

5. GM Yasser Seirawan's /USA/ INSIDE CHESS ONLINE 

6. The Nets Checkmate Chess Directions 

7. "INTERNETCHESS.COM" - your roadmap to everything chess-related on the Internet 

8. AJEDREZ TERRA DEPORTES, Spanish chess webpage 

9. Pascal Villalba's French NOTZAI webpage 

10. French chess tournament calendar of Alan Cowderoy, PALAMEDE

11. "CHESS SIBERIA", page of IM Boris SCHIPKOV /RUS/, 

12. IM Attila SCHNEIDER's /HUN/ "CHESSCLINIC" webpage in 3 languages

13. Alex Boldt's German chess webpage

14. Visitors are invited to visit the webpage of the company Echess /ELISTA TEAM/ -Professional chess tournament support all over the world

15.       is a large, comprehensive site meeting a wide variety of
chess-related needs including instruction and advice, chess news, annotated
games, a huge and clearly-organized collection of chess-related web links,
downloads, reviews, trivia and history, a very active discussion forum, an
online chess league, Fantasy Chess, and more!

16. We cooperate with the chess website of Mr.Eric Delaire /FRA/



1. Lots of info can be found in TERMINKALENDAR section of German journal EUROPA ROCHADE about our and other International chess events 

2. One of the best German chess web pages is Gerhard Hund's TeleSchach 

3. The best French chess web page is the FRANCE ECHECS


5. Montreal /CANADA/ chess news and history

6. A Brazilian homepage from IM Herman van Riemsdijk specialized on SOUTH AMERICAN CHESS

7.For news on chess from PHILIPPINES we recommend Bobby Ang's Chess Page

8. Mr. John G.Hurley's page: Chess news/result/archives from IRELAND

9. SCHACKNYHETER - The most visited chessite with daily news from Sweden and other big events around the world

10.Ukrainian chess news - CHESS SECTOR 

11.LOVAC NA DAMU  The best chess page for the people who understand Croatian language. 

12. Everything about chess in Russian language, site of Evgeny FEDOROV

13.Romanian National Chess Review - online version

14. IGM Karel Mokry Chess Bookshop - usually 3,000+ new, used and scarce items in online stock 




1. We cooperate with the webmaster of the HUNGARIAN CHESS FEDERATION, with Mr. GUBICS, Peter

2. Our Croatian friend the webmaster Sinisa Rezek's site - CROATIAN CHESS FEDERATION

3. The web site of the Spanish Catalonia Chess Club

4. The page of our German chessfriend, Mr. Matthias Vogl /Schachclub Waldsassen 1985/

5. Henk Cramer's page from the NETHERLAND /Amsterdam Chess Club Isolani/

6. First Chess Page in Estonia. 

7. Jan Högberg's chess page in the Götaverken Chess Club, Sweden 

8. Stephen O'Sullivans chess page

9.Jönköpings Chess Club homepage

10. Official Site of the Austrian Chess Federation 



1. Daniel Buecke is the webmaster of the WICHERN-OPEN chess tournament's page

2. We made a link exchange with the director of the European Youth Chess Championship, Mr. Iivo NEI

3. The official site of the European Junior Chess Festival in Tallinn, Estonia

4. We cooperate with ATHLITIKI KRITI Co. /GREECE/, the organizer of the International Chess Grand-Prix "CRETE '97"

5. Royal Open '98

6. S.E.M.I. - play chess by e-mail /Italian webpage of Mr.Giorgio Ruggeri Laderchi

7. We are in friendly communication with the NEW YORK MASTERS chess tournament series

8. Play chess at /a new chess website of Tryfos Gavriel from the UK/.



Personal pages of our chessfriends

1. Interesting US chess web page is Ken Smith's CHESS DIGEST

2. My German chessfriend's, Matthias Lang's chess homepage

3. My Turkish chessfriend's, Ömer's chess page

4. Our Indian chessfriend's SHIVANAND's web page

5. A really good American chess web page is Mr. BILL WALL's page

6. The well-known chess pages from YOBES, Austria 

7. Jürgen Werner's /17!!/ /GERMANY/ page about chess, humor and programming

8. Mr. SAM SLOAN's /USA/ chess page

9. IGM Artur Jussupow's Chess Academy, Germany 

10. WGM Anjelina Belakovskaia US woman champion's chess webpage

11. Hungarian Chess Review, useful chess info, chess federations, Hungarian related links of our chessfriend, Mr. Kardkovács Zsolt /21/

12. Stanislav Vokal's chess compositions, Slovakia

13. Thomas Stock's /MD/.chess site in Berlin 

14. Alexei Bartashnikov from Lviv, Ukraine

15. Norbert FOGARASI's webpage about how he obtained a FIDE-rating at the FIRST SATURDAY tournament in May 1999

16. Our friend, the nice chessplayer girl from Germany - Sabine Klein

17. The news of the Hungarian correspondence chess - TOTH, Peter 



Information about chess products


1. Computer technical adviser of our chess tournament enterprise is: Lovass László jr (SUPERPRO CHESS) 

2. The web page of the American Aficionato Inc. is the CHESS MENTOR

3. "Mr.Boris Yeshan from St-Petersburg and his chess  page - about ShahCom company, which provides online demonstration service and the internet equipment"

4. We are in contact with the Russian CHESS ASSISTANT firm /we send them our games after every tournament to distribute/

5. The Austrian Edmund Poscher computer expert made the SCHACHVEREINBOSS /chess club leader/ programme

6. Swiss Perfect, an ideal solution for any chess Tournament Director, /production of Edyta and Robert Rozycki, Australia/ 

7. OMEGA CHESS - The next evolution of chess - endorsed by American GM Michael Rohde

8. "CHESSVISION", the next generation chess .software



1. THE CHESS CAFE - weekly book review, chess history, original columns

2.We are in contact with the Yugoslav CHESS INFORMANT firm

3. SMARTCHESS, World Wide Web Chess Superstore. The World's Fastest Growing Chess Store. Official Web Page of FIDE World Champion Anatoly Karpov and the monthly publication Smartchess Online 

4. MANHATTAN CHESS CLUB, webmaster Mark Penkower

5.   Denksportboekhandel L'Esprit: the address for new and antiquarian chess books and magazines.  Delivery all over the world. 


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Last updated at 23rd of January 1999, Budapest, Hungary