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Welcome to my homepage. I am an art historian from Budapest, Hungary, currently working at the Museum of Applied Arts. Recently I have been one of the curators of a major exhibition dedicated to King and Emperor Sigismund.

I received my PhD from Yale University, where I studied at the History of Art Department, focusing on medieval art. My dissertation is titled Art and Patronage in Medieval Hungary - The Frescoes of the Augustinian Church at Siklós (advisor: Walter Cahn). My earlier diplomas are from the Central European University (MA in Medieval Studies) and from Eötvös Loránd University (MA in Art History).

You can find me on LinkedIn: http://hu.linkedin.com/in/zsomborjekely
and Academia.edu: http://imm.academia.edu/ZsomborJekely

Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/ZJekely

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Here is a list of projects I am (was) involved in:


Exhibition at the Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest:

Italian Majolica Art
and the Court of King Matthias Corvinus
March-June 2008

I was the project leader of this exhibition
project, held in the "Renaissance Year"

The catalogue can be ordered here.



Exhibitions at the Museum of Fine Art, Budapest:


-  opened in March, 2006, Budapest and
later travelled to Luxemburg

I was one of the curators of the
The exhibition catalogue was published
by Philipp von Zabern.



  Verrocchio's Christ - Museum of Fine Arts,
March 13 - June 22, 2003

Opening speech by Paul Crossley

Read reviews of the exhibition (all in Hungarian):

Élet és Irodalom
Mozgó Világ
Múzeumi Hírlevél
Új Művészet (Tünde Wehli)
História (Sigismund issue)

And in English:

Renaissance Studies (Tim Juckes)
Studia Patzinakia (Ana Maria Gruia)
Ars (S. Orisko)
Hungarian Quarterly (Ernő Marosi)
Chronico.de (In German)


Other Exhibitions:

Paradisum plantavit - Benedictine Monasteries in Medieval Hungary - An exhibition at the
Benedictine Archabbey of Pannonhalma, Hungary
March 21-Nov. 11., 2001.

Read my study for the catalogue on medieval
frescoes in Benedictine churches
(Ják and Garamszentbenedek)


The following of my studies are currently available:

My book on medieval frescoes in
written together with restorer Loránd Kiss
and edited by Tibor Kollár,
was published by the László Teleki Foundation
in 2008.



Verrocchio Krisztusa
- Verrocchio's Christ.

Exhibition catalogue (2003),
available from the
Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
or from www.artbooks.com


Art and Patronage in Medieval Hungary - The
Frescoes of the Augustinian Church at Siklós - PhD Dissertation. Available for purchase in printed or
PDF format from
UMI dissertation services.
UMI number:

  Review of Iva Rosario's Art and Propaganda -
The Medieval Review, 2003 (direct link to article)
  Jáki és garamszentbenedeki falképek - Illustrated
study from the 2001 exhibition catalogue
Paradisum plantavit.
For now, only the Hungarian version is available
online (in html and PDF format), but the English
version is coming soon.

  A series of entries for the Magyar
Művelődéstörténeti Lexikon, a printed and online encyclopedia of Hungarian Cultural History,
published by Balassi Kiadó - see www.mamul.hu



Visit my web project on the Art of Medieval Hungary and my related blog with more frequent updates!


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