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This site serves as an introductory research guide to the art of the medieval kingdom of Hungary. The kingdom, founded in 1000 AD, covered a much larger territory than modern Hungary, and included areas such as present-day Slovakia, Transylvania (today in Romania), as well as Croatia. The kingdom reached its peak during the 14th and 15th centuries, under rulers from the Angevin, Luxemburg and Hunyadi families, but essentially collapsed during the Turkish attacks of the early 16th century.

The site contains information primarily about the art of medieval Hungary, but the topic is framed in a larger Central-European context, with links to sites dealing with the medieval art of Bohemia, Poland and Austria as well. The main goals of this page at the moment are to provide an up to date list of publications about the region's medieval art and provide fresh information about medieval art in Hungary, as well as to collect useful Internet links.


Information on this site is arranged in the following categories:

bulletMedieval News

The page includes information about new exhibitions, excavations, conferences, talks and new publications. More recent news and information is available on my Medieval Hungary blog.


Recent works on Hungarian medieval art - 1991-2010. The page lists new books on medieval wall-painting, Hungarian saints, etc.

bullet Resources

Information about Hungarian museums, collections, archives, databases, universities, arranged in categories and with links.

bulletChief works

An overview of the most important Hungarian medieval works, with the most important sites, artists and individual works listed.

bulletThe Holy Crown

Information on the the Holy Crown of Hungary ('Crown of St. Stephen') and the Coronation Regalia, with photos and bibliography.

bulletTreasures abroad

Museums, libraries and treasuries abroad preserve a great number of objects coming from the medieval Kingdom of Hungary. The page lists and illustrates the most famous of these works. Includes a preliminary checklist of medieval and Renaissance object of Hungarian provenance in America.

bulletMedieval wall paintings

An overview of online image resources related to medieval wall painting, with a focus on Central Europe.

bulletHungarian medieval manuscripts

Links to digitized medieval manuscripts and incunabula of Hungarian provenance or with content relevant to the Kingdom of Hungary.

bulletPhoto galleries - Exhibition photos

This new section of the website will contain an ever-growing corpus of photos dedicated to medieval subjects. First up are a series of images documenting recent exhibitions in Hungary (Verrocchio's Christ, Sigismundus Rex et Imperator, The Dowry of Beatrice).

Other Sites:

Many sites provide excellent links to a great number of web sites dedicated to medieval art. If you are interested in other aspects of medieval art, I suggest that you start with some of the following sites:

Labyrinth - Resources for Medieval Studies

Netserf - The Internet connection for Medieval Resources - edited by Beau A.C. Harbin

ORB - The Online Resource Book for Medieval Studies

Dscriptorium - A starting point for manuscripts online

Medieval Studies Department of the Central European University - One of the centers of Medieval Studies in Hungary

The International Center of Medieval Art - "Founded in 1956, it seeks to promote the study of the visual arts of the Middle Ages in Europe. Its worldwide membership includes academics, museum professionals, collectors and other enthusiasts. ICMA publishes a scholarly journal, Gesta; a newsletter, etc."

TMR -The Medieval Review - You'll find the archives of excellent online book reviews there, as well as information about subscribing.


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