"If you need qualified translations, you should turn to a human translator for consistency and accuracy. No translation software or machine driven free online translator service will ever rival the quality of human translation. Quality translation is best left to the humans, after all."

TeleTrans fully agrees with the above, the governing principle of Babylon Ltd., one of the main providers of online translation and dictionaries since more than a decade, that only your personal translator will be able to adapt to the specific needs of your translation projects. To bolster up this, Babylon decided to start a campaign in support of human translation and with a clear message: quality translation is a human endeavor. 

TeleTrans is more than willing to follow suit. So if you need translators capable of producing texts in their mother tongue, Hungarian, with the contents of the original truly preserved, yet adapted to the language-specific environment in a very professional and correct way, then we are your right choice! Or, if You need fast translation-related services in other languages, click here.

Here in Teletrans, we are all accredited professional translators with university education, long experience in full-time translation, comprehensive knowledge of different subject areas, and we translate exclusively into our mother tongue. Whether you need texts on CNC technology, environmental protection, telecommunications, electronics/electrics, industrial process control technology or information technology translated, we can find the right translator for you.

Projects are translated by a team of translators. The translated texts are then subject to in-depth inspection in order to ensure quality. Whenever possible, translation memories are used to ensure a unified and flawless product, and help you get the best price by reusing previously translated terms and phrases.

Thanks to the methodology used, we are proud to say that our texts are

  • consistent and correct because we use custom-specific vocabulary and employ consequently previously verified and memorized sentences wherever possible

  • unified as far as the content and style are concerned because we assign projects to translators with comprehensive knowledge of the field concerned

  • free from errors and misconceptions because we have the translated text read and corrected by a second independent translator

  • workmanlike and up-to-date because we use standardized, industry-specific terms and glossaries

  • coherent in terminology because we handle each project individually and consequently check the usage of proper terminology

Depending on the type of text, each of us translates 3000 to 4000 source words daily. In addition, further capacity is also available should the actual volume require engaging additional translators as well.

Output is mainly in MS Word (all other current formats also available on request), and can be delivered direct to your PC via e-mail or fax (other types of delivery also available on request).

Reliability is vital to us because we want work to be delivered on time. Please put us to the test. We look forward to hearing from you soon!



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